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If you’re asking yourself where to start, this is it. Designed for the Service Line members with minimal strength training experience, or those who have become de-conditioned. This program contains slower progression and periodization to help you achieve the best adaptation, with minimal risk to injury so you won’t miss out on the work that you’re training to do.



If you have the basics down but don’t quite meet all of the movement, skilled work and intensity standards yet, this Program Design is for you. Scaled progressions get you the more complex adaptation that you need with added power and the faster aerobic interval work you need to perform at the tempo your job requires, recover, and then perform again. Let’s face it… performance is everything.



If you have a 1mile time near 6 minutes, already know your max lifts and your best 40 time, can perform at high op tempo and still slam heavies around at the gym all day, this Program Design is for you. You require more skilled overload and more complex design to get those smaller gains out of new adaptations. Learn how to harness you Maximal Aerobic power to sustain the short burst of intense work you must reproduce over and over, with the proper progression during your aerobic cycle to learn how to use lactate for fuel and make complex cognitive decisions under duress. Be the human machine you were meant to be and fight aging, injury and poor critical thinking by training your physical and mental resiliency.